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Ah, Oregon!

Ah, Oregon!

Land of scenic byways and sandy riverbanks

Paths lined with treasures:

Organic Hillsides Health Bar wrappers,

Empty cans of Super Energy Drink

Mountain Fresh

Live off the land

Scraps of unbleached, recycled paper products,

Returnable plastic bottles

Strewn with utter mindlessness:

That state exalted beyond all thought.


Organic Save-the-Earth bags

Flower under lofty firs,

Crystal Springs containers

Kissing streams dappled in sunlight,

And at long last,

Eagerly sought,

Beside children splashing in the shallows,

Rising stupa-like from its bed of sand,

The remains of that herbal infusion specially formulated

To energize the body,

Uplift the spirit

And enlighten the mind:




--Sept. 2007

Scott Teitsworth