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Guru Nitya and Nataraja Guru, Varkala Gurukula, 1971

Scott and Nitya at work in Ooty

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My book, The Path to the Guru

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Check out my 2012 TV interview if you want to learn more about me and my recent book. The first ten minutes or so are chit chat, so do skip ahead.

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A one hour radio interview on Planetary Spirit, with several book excerpts read out

Welcome to my site. My name is Scott Teitsworth, and I'm a spouse of and co-seeker with Deborah Buchanan. We're lifelong disciples of Guru Nitya, and this site will let you know how to access his works. Nitya also means eternal. Here you'll find teachings related to matters of universal interest, not limited in time and space, most or all written by me.

  I should tell you that this site is now defunct. Since there is a ton of writing in place here, I'll keep it up as long as it lasts. From 2019 on, material will go on the new site only. My email address is at the bottom of each page.

  At the bottom of this page you'll find a list of articles from the past year, through 2018.

  The big news for now is my second book, The Path to the Guru, the Science of Self-Realization According to the Bhagavad Gita, came out in June of 2014. It covers the Gita's Chapters I and II. The first book was a commentary on the Gita's Chapter XI. Click on the images at right for more information.

 I feel my work on the Gita is my primary contribution to the world. All gratitude goes to Nitya and Nataraja Guru, under the aegis of Narayana Guru, for their inspiration and guidance. If you want to read more about the Gita, all the chapters are available here on the website.

 Our Portland Gurukula offers weekly classes based on the wisdom of the three gurus, and for the last ten years I have been writing extensive class notes summarizing these sessions. These are available via email free for the asking, and the old ones are all posted here. I have just about finished my extensive Bhagavad Gita commentary that began with another series of classes, and for most of the books I have edited for the above-named rishis I have also written introductions. All these are on the site. Enjoy!

If you're a newcomer, I recommend you read my introduction to That Alone: The Core Of Wisdom first, as it provides a background sketch of where I'm coming from. The book introductions make good reading on their own account, and serve as doorways to some of Nitya's and Nataraja Guru's greatest works.

The most valuable part of the site is the Bhagavad Gita commentary, very different from anything else available but true as I can make it to the visionary spirit of the original, gleaned from many years as Nitya's student. 

 Background articles about me are Gee, You Are You, and Flip Flop, found under Magazine Articles. I'm sorry, but the site won't permit me to put links here for them.

In the words of Narayana Guru, the purpose of this website is to exchange knowledge, "to know and let know, not to argue and win." Truth is valid regardless of where it is found. It is not limited to any particular group or belief system. Conflict is never over truth itself, only over opinions about truth. Happiness is the aim of every being, so we all share a common purpose.

That being the case, feel free to pass along anything you find here. I would appreciate you mentioning the site and my name when you do so. Disagree all you want, but please don't alter what I've written. Most of all, have fun out there!

Newly Added Material (linked via the navigation bar at the top)

January 2018 - DM 8.8-8.10 class notes

February 2018 - DM 9.0-9.3 class notes

March 2018 - DM 9.4-9.8 class notes

April 2018 - DM 9.9-10.1 class notes

  2 new paragraphs added to Gita III.15

May 2018 - DM 10.2-10.8 class notes

June 2018 - Darsanamala notes finished

July 2018 - MOTS notes begun, to Ch. 2

     My Editing History (in Misc. Articles)

August 2018 - MOTS notes ch. 3-6

September 2018 - MOTS class notes 7-9

October 2018 - MOTS class notes 10-13

New link to the KSD podcast at the top of the page

November 2018 - MOTS class notes 14-17

December 2018 - MOTS class notes 18-21


Deb and Scott at the 2014 Gurupuja

Released June 2014

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Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.

Scott Teitsworth