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A nice review of Krishna in the Sky with Diamonds

The new website of Nitya's unpublished writings, plus some audio and video.

My Sivana podcast on Youtube

My radio interview on Pathways

PsypressUK 2013 Magazine featuring The Golden Apples of Immortality

The main website of our (dis)Organization:

Narayana Gurukula

Website about Narayana Guru

Another site with some writings

Our Indian Publisher, DK Printworld, with most of the books

Another Indian site for books--DK is sometimes unreliable

Sraddha's page with pictures and audio of Guru Nitya

Zillions of pictures of Nitya and friends

Gayatri, Mind, and other talks by Nitya

Gayatri Mantra related to the Chakras on the Gurukula website

Gayatri and more of Sraddha's Nitya audios (once there if you put Guru Nitya in the search box more will come up)

Videos of Nitya teaching the Gita, mid-80s, Crown Point, Ind.

Sraddha's direct link to Open Source audio for Nitya's recordings

Nitya chanting Atmo


Nitya Atmo class 1

Nitya Atmo class 2

Nitya Atmo class 3

Nitya Atmo class 4

Nitya Atmo class 5

Nitya Atmo class 6

Nitya Atmo class 7

Nitya Atmo class 8

Nitya Atmo class 9

Nitya Atmo class 11

Guru Nitya on works of Chattambi Swami

A lot of hard work has gone into this website:

Nataraja Guru's books online

Fred Cantor, eclectic musician and instructor

Bill Robinson Music and psychedelic humor

Planetary Spirit - interviews

Smskrti - Progressive politics and self development

Earth Rites - Invisible College Magazine online

Latest baseball scores

Scott Teitsworth