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Class Notes - 2004 to 2012

I've begun writing summaries of our weekly classes and some other events, which go by email around the globe. They have much general value, but are particularly useful if you happen to be studying the works yourself.

We used Nitya's Psychology of Darsanamala to pry our way into Narayana Guru's Darsanamala, the Garland of Visions. After nearly three years of intense work, that project is now completed. Next up for the class will be Nitya's commentary on Patanjali's Yoga Sutras.

Patanjali having been completed, we have now moved into the Isavasya Upanishad, and it's turning out to be highly revelatory.

Next up is Narayana Guru's Atmopadesa Satakam, approached through Nitya's That Alone: the Core of Wisdom.

Isa Upanishad 0 - 2

Isa Upanishad 3 - 7

Isa Upanishad 8-11

Isa Upanishad 12-15

Isa Upanishad 16-18

Brihadaranyaka Upanishad

Darsanamala - Adhyaropa Darsana

Darsanamala - Apavada Darsana

Darsanamala - Asatya Darsana

Darsanamala - Maya Darsana

Darsanamala - Bhana Darsana

Darsanamala - Karma Darsana

Darsanamala - Jnana Darsana

Darsanamala - Bhakti Darsana

Darsanamala - Yoga Darsana

Darsanamala - Nirvana Darsana

Peace Class Notes (2004)

Yoga Letters of Guru Nitya

Yoga Sutras I: 1-10

Yoga Sutras I: 11-20

Yoga Sutras I:21-30

Yoga Sutras I:31-40

Yoga Sutras I: 41-51

Yoga Sutras II: 1-10

Yoga Sutras II: 11-20

Yoga Sutras II: 21-29

Yoga Sutras II: 30 - 32 (yamas and niyamas)

Yoga Sutras II: 33-39

Yoga Sutras II: 40-49

Yoga Sutras XII: II.50 - III.4

Yoga Sutras Without Commentary

Scott Teitsworth