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Bhagavad Gita

My Gita commentary is at long last finished, after ten years of diligent attention. I still have to work up a proper introduction, but the ones in my two books are quite good, so it's a matter of cutting and pasting one of these days. In any case the chapters are ready to be read, and there is a wealth of spiritual inspiration to be found here.

Most of my best ideas turn out to be modernizations of the brilliant teachings of my guru, Nitya Chaitanya Yati, many of which have not found their way into print before.

Chapters I and II have now become a book, The Path to the Guru: The Science of Self-Realization According to the Bhagavad Gita. It has an excellent introduction not found here, and is better edited. In deference to the publishers I'm not going to include the final version on my website, but you can certainly get the flavor of it here. Click on "My Second Book" on the toolbar to learn more.

Chapter XI has already been made into a book, Krishna in the Sky with Diamonds. The version you'll find here is also an early effort, whereas the book has been meticulously edited with some good new material. I highly recommend it, for readability if nothing else. Click on "My First Book" on the toolbar for some interesting background.

The Gita is the most amazing book on earth, with its secret wisdom hidden in plain sight. I've used Nataraja Guru's translation with minor modifications, as it brings out the meaning most clearly. May it serve you well. Aum.

Gita Verses Only

Introductory Material

Chapter I - Arjuna's Dilemma

Chapter II - Arjuna becomes a disciple

Chapter III - Unitive Action

Chapter IV - Unitive Wisdom

Chapter V - Unitive Action and Renunciation

Chapter VI - Unitive Contemplation

Chapter VII - Wisdom Synthesis

Chapter VIII - The Unitive Way in Spiritual Progress

Chapter IX - Unitive Contemplation as a Royal Science and Crowning Secret

Chapter X - The Unitive Recognition of Positive Values

Chapter XI - The Unitive Vision of the Absolute

Chapter XII - Maintaining Contact with the Absolute

Chapter XIII - The Field and the Knower of the Field

Chapter XIV - The Unitive Way of Transcending the Three Nature Modalities

Chapter XV - The Unitive Approach to the Paramount Person

Chapter XVI - The Unitive Way of Discriminating Between Higher and Lower Values

Chapter XVII - The Unitive Recognition of Faith

Chapter XVIII - Unitive Behavior Patterns


Scott Teitsworth